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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Noelle


    ‘I would have imagined myself being bullied if you asked me before middle school, i wouldn’t even be able to imagine how hurtful others words could be. But now i realize it, because i experienced it myself. I always tried to make friends with everyone, i mean i was a pretty happy child. But i knew i couldn’t make everyone like me, i thought i would always atleast have one friend there. But when my thought were shattered by the reality of bullying, i didn’t think i could cope with being alone and having to deal with it on my own. Everyone has that one person in their school that for some reason they hate you, mine happened to live right next to me. I’m going to call her Kay. When i first started school me and Kay were really good friends, then after the first grade she started hating me and acting like your typical popular girls. I always, and still wonder, what exactly i did to her to make her act like that to me, but i brushed it off as popularity. Over the years of elementary school she mostly kept her distance from me, i would catch her giving me dirty looks but i would just look the other way. I didn’t really care what she did, until she started the rumors. In the sixth grade Kay went around telling people that my grandfather (who had been living with my family at the time.) was a pedophile. I still to this day have no idea where she would get something like that from. I was not aware of this for a few months, and always wondered why people would always stare at me, and whisper. Until one day one of Kay’s new friends who just moved from California, came up to me at lunch one day and asked me if the rumors were true. Me, being shocked that anyone would say that, didn’t give her an answer but instead turned and went straight to Kay seeing how she really was the only one who knew where i lived. That moment when i turned on my heels to go to Kay i see as my moment of making the slow fall into depression. But i went up to her and asked her what exactly kind of sick joke she was playing, and how it wasn’t even close to funny. When she just laughed and her friends did too, i felt in honesty scared.. One of her friends said how could anyone come up with that, no one would make that up. I wasn’t much of an arguer so i simply told her to knock it off and tell everyone she was just lying. But like any story of life, she didn’t. She made it worse. Within the next few weeks everyone started to avoid me, even the people i once called friends started to distance themselves from me. Kay spread the rumor that i slept with my grandfather. And as we’re all aware that kids will pretty much believe anything that they hear, almost everyone believed it. Even the kids who didn’t believe it still would join in on the name calling. At recess i couldn’t wait for the bell to ring, people would think it was funny to shout from clear across the blacktop at me, calling me a whore or a slut. I ended up going behind the trailers (my school had outdoor classrooms) where no one really seemed to be, and if there was anyone they’d just ignore me. About a month after this all began, and i was left with no friends, a girl, who i will name Quin, stood up for me one day. Quin was always happy and friendly, though everyone hated her for reasons i would soon find out. I was grateful that finally someone would talk to me normally, and i was quick to accept Quin’s friendship with me. We hung out all the time, and we were in the same class so we were always partners for class projects. A few weeks into the friendship she ended up convincing me to ditch school. I never liked school, but i always felt bad even lying to my mom saying that i was ‘sick’ when i didn’t to get up. So i felt really nervous and guilty about it. We ended up staying over at her house seeing how no one was home, and we walked from the school. Quin wanted to stop by the gas station on the way to get some candy. I told her i didn’t have any money on me and she simply said she had it covered. We were walking around the candy aisle, the cashier watched us but they looked like they were the type of person who themselves ditched a day or two from school, so i wasn’t worried about getting ratted out. Quin would kneel down and look at candy, and then i noticed she was doing a pattern. Pick up a piece of candy, put it back, pick up another and slide it into her jacket pocket. I started to slowly freak out but she told me to chill, and that it was fine it was only a few pieces. She grabbed more candy and we walked to pay, but she said that she ended up forgetting her money at home, and put the candy she had in her hands back. Then turning and running out of the store. I don’t really know how we weren’t suspicious when we bolted out of there. On the rest of the way to her house we ate the candy and talking, when we reached her house we just sat in the living room watching tv. After a while Quin got this great idea to text some people who were in class, but she didn’t have a cellphone and convinced me to let her use mine. That, was my big mistake. She didn’t let me look at what she was texting, and i thought nothing of it. A few texts later she said we should prank call people, and i thought “hey, why not?” She typed up the phone number and put it on speaker. The person she called didn’t answer, so on the voicemail she started talking in a accent, and what she started saying made me i guess shut down. Quin’s idea of a prank is calling up people claiming to be a sex phone company. She tried to get me to join, but when it was my part i just looked at her in disbelief. i ended up grabbing my phone from her and hitting the end button, while she was claiming that i couldn’t take a joke i grabbed my things and started walking home. On the way home i looked through my texts to find that she had texted several boys in my class very sexual things, things that to this day i am still uncomfortable saying. Though i never slept with anyone, i couldn’t end up but feeling like an actual slut, just like what everyone was calling me. While walking home my step-dad ended up calling me, i answered and simply told him a ditched school and that was all, i didn’t tell him what happened with Quin. He was mad and just ended up telling me to hurry up and get home. The walk home was what seemed to be the longest walk i’ve ever walked, as if it were a walk of shame. When i got home i ran into my room and locked myself in there, i remember laying curled up on my bed. And i simply just cried, and i ended up crying myself to sleep, until my mom got home and knocked on my door. I felt like all that just happened was just a dream and i opened my door to find my mom’s reaction go from anger to confusion… Then i remembered what happened. Mothers seem to have a sense that lets them know when something is wrong with their kids. Because though i usually cry, and over simple things too, my mom was able to tell that the reason behind this time was n’t like the rest. I just told my mom that Quin turned out to be someone i didn’t want to hang out around, that she convinced me to ditch school and steal. I didn’t tell her the other part. Like any parent she told me that it’s ok, and she wasn’t mad at me. She told me that she was just one of the types of people i was going to meet in my life. I went to school the next day, and went straight to one of the boys she texted, we’ll say Jeff. Who, thankfully, knew that it was Quin and that he understood. He told me that everyone, even himself, come to find out her true nature usually after it’s too late. We talked a bit about her, and speak of the Devil, she showed up. Asking ‘how i was’. Jeff, which i will always remember for some reason, simply walked away with me from her. Saying he already played her game once. We went straight to our teacher saying how she was asking inappropriate questions and stuff. The teacher just called her over and she denied it all. I guess other boys realized i was hanging out with Quin cause they just shrugged it off and never spoke of it. Few weeks later though in class we were doing a group project and Quin got put in my group, she started saying i was a whore, while the other kids in our group kinda went off on their own. That’s when i finally had enough with her and i ended punching her. I still don’t believe i punched her that hard from the way she reacted. She simply stared at me, turned to the teacher, and once she was half way to him she started crying. We both got sent to the principles office, though i had to stay in there till my mom came. And that’s when she found out about what she completely did. My mom ended up getting upset with me for turning to violence. Saying “violence is never the answer.”. And if i could take back hitting Quin, i really would. Cause yet another turn for the worse made its way. I now had Kay and Quin spreading false rumors behind my back, in which i finally had enough with it and i wasn’t going to pay attention to it. Or i tried to make myself think, and others. I ended up being pushed into being a bully myself, and i was known as that mean girl or whore. Either way people truly avoided me, i sat alone at lunch, i had to do projects by myself, nobody really talked to me. When i’d pass Quin she’d make comments to me of how i was either ugly or fat, suiting for a whore. Which i don’t think she realized… But because of those words, i stopped eating, and i started putting on makeup to hide my actual appearance. Parents don’t like their kids hanging out with someone that looks Goth, or Emo. And i realized that. And i slowly stopped going outside. I woke up, went to school, came home, and locked myself in my room. I feel into a deep depression, and i ended up pushing everyone, even my family away from me. I let other peoples words push me into a depression that turned into anger. I would cry what seemed like everyday, and i would scream at my family, get in arguments left and right. After school got out and i truly didn’t do anything, i spent my time sleeping. I would force myself to sleep, because i didn’t want to stay awake anymore, i felt like if i slept and wasn’t awake to be a part of the world, i would be forgotten and everyone could go on with their life. I felt, that i was holding everyone back, that’s when i started thinking of suicide. I thought, what did i have to life for? I didn’t have any friends, i didn’t have any hope,. I felt as if i was already dead, just an empty shell taking up space, a waste of breath. I didn’t feel real, and i ended up cutting myself. Because, a thing that bleeds is a thing indeed. I would takes baths, and i would lay under the water just thinking “a little longer.” Just before school started again, i moved. I didn’t go to school the first several weeks, and when i finally did start going i just felt like running away. I will always remember my first day though, my first day of a new school and middle school. I was sitting in the office waiting for my class schedule when a girl walked up to me, and sat next to me. She started talking to me, and she was the most happiest person i’ve ever seen. And i didn’t say anything, she just talked to me. And i still wish that i would’ve asked her, “why would a girl like you, want to talk to a freak like me?” i mean, there i was, raccoon eyes, the hoodie and hood on, just sitting in the corner. That day i got home and thought to myself, this is a new start, leaving the past behind me, i’ll take my first steps out of the darkness i lived in. I’m 15 now. And i have made a few small steps, furthering myself, baby steps. I still have the scars, and i look at them almost everyday, thinking of how glad i am i still here today. I have a friend that i can call my best. Though, thinking of what i went through, and how many people don’t know what it’s like, but also knowing how many people DO KNOW what it’s like, i can’t help but cry. Like i say though… Bruises heal, words don’t. And i will NEVER forget all the things i’ve been called. That’s my story, and whether it be better or worse than what others are going through, it may be small. But it’s my story, and it should be heard.