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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Lucy


    My story of being bullied has a happy ending. From grade 4 until graduation, I was a top student, and the LEAST popular girl in my school. Our class queen and her 6 girlfriends were probably envious of my grades, so they ruined my social status. All former friends stopped saying hello to me by grade 4. I was called ugly, geek, wasn’t allowed to dress up or change hairstyles. They beat me, pulled my hair, hiked up my skirt, threw darts, orange peel, snowballs, spit, parodied my walk, left bugs and pins on my chair, forced me to give them homework to copy; male classmate molested me during class, while I was too shy to tell a teacher. It was before bullying became a national conversation, so I didn’t know what was happening to me. I thought these girls were my “friends” and tried for years to fit in. I developed social anxiety, agoraphobia and body dysmorphia – BUT I graduated, went to university, fell in love, and realized that school was a nightmare. I’ll always struggle with my self-image, but talking about bullying and journaling helped enormously. I’m happy, look good, have a wonderful job and great boyfriend.