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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Emma


    It’s hard to begin because my story is so lengthy. I was ten when it started, so I was in Primary Six. It seemed fine before that, but other kids just started to not like me. I was never really popular or noticed, so this random change effected me a bit. People just didn’t like me. I think it was because of my incontinence, which was horrific at the time, and I couldn’t control it. It was so embarrassing but I hid my emotions quite well. When I was eleven in P.7, that’s when I was diagnosed with depression. I got very aggressive in P.7 and people in my class insulted me a lot more and isolated me. I remember being told to “take my Halloween mask off” and being asked by girls how many times I would shower or wash my hair a week. It was awful, and I just cringed. Birthday party invitations were extremely popular in my primary school; they were sent to everyone everyday. Well, except to me. Nobody wanted that “smelly rat” to attend their party. Before I became twelve and started year 8 in high school, we moved out of town. I was happy, but kids in the neighborhood picked on me. I was chased, pinned to the ground, called a bitch by almost everyone, screamed at by other kid’s parents for approaching them, and I clearly remember one time where I was on my little bike, when I felt a rock slam into my head. They really hated me, but high school sounded good. I was getting a bus for the first time. It was a double decker, but it hosted more hell. My conditions were worse at that time. I had bad acne, horrific incontinence and major depression. People threw things at me on the bus, and on the upper deck people sang songs about me. When people were getting off they would throw insults at me, thinking I didn’t know what they were talking about. In P.E. classes, people would very noticeably move away from me. I hated it. This made me very suicidal, and I would stab myself with a pen and come home in tears. When I was thirteen in year 9, things seemed a BIT better, I got off to a good start and I managed to get away from that bus. I had major family problems though that I will not go into detail here, which impacted my performance at school. Year 9 was when rumors started to fly around about me, and people walking by me on the way home would throw trash or call me a slut or call me ugly. That’s when my self-esteem dropped to zero and I went to several doctors and counselors to get help, which wasn’t beneficial after a while. When I was fourteen in year 10, I met my first boyfriend on a writing site (because I wrote novels since I was nine) and we kicked off really well. However, my school found out about this, and started laughing at me and my boyfriend for being who he is. I broke up with him to protect him. I attempted suicide that year because of all the bullying, but I didn’t complete it. Year 11 then flew in and I was fifteen; things seemed better. My depression was still there, my anger problems and Cyclothymia were developing, but my incontinence was nearly gone. No more bullying, or so I thought. But no; I was bullied for new reasons. I was called a freak, weirdo, useless, had more unimaginable rumors spread around about me throwing myself at men and people found me really creepy and didn’t want to get involved with me at all. It hurt, but at this point I was used to it. Finally, year 12 started and I was sixteen and still am. I was severely cyber-bullied on Facebook in a group chat. People sent pornography claiming it was I that shared it. People insulted my hobbies like writing and what I wore. It just pierced me and effected me both physically and mentally very severely. From this, people have left me because they feel embarrassed to be around me because of my reputation. I still struggle with everything, but maybe somewhere in the future I will forget it all.