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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - DeeDee


    Hi I’m DeeDee, and I’m 14. Here’s my story. I have been bullied since pre-school. I am now in my freshman year in High school, and I still am getting bullied. It started with one girl making fun of me because of my dad being taken away by the police when I was two, mainly because he was being a drunken idiot and yelling and screaming at my mom and older sisters. At school she would call me the dadless freak girl who not even a mother can love. Then when I actually started pre-school at age 4, I was young, and one day I found scissors in the bathroom at home and wanted to play barber on my own hair, so I cut off half my hair. So I had to get a pixie cut, you know the on’s your parents told you about when they were really young. Well, I had one of those till about kindergarten when my hair started to grow back. Well she would taunt and tease and call me butch or that I was just a boy with long hair. After preschool, the bullying went into kindergarten and first and every other grade. I got called soul-less because I have read hair (aka Ginger). By the time third grade hit, there was not just one girl bullying; there was a group a squad of 5-6. I had an intestinal issue called S.C.C. I am not going to tell you what those 3 letters stand for, mainly because I am over it, I recovered from it, and I am moving on. But I got bullied for that and having to wear pull-ups because of that issue. The thing was that my mom always called the school telling them what these girls where doing to me, but to them it was that we just couldn’t get along so they never did anything. So one day at recess, a supervisor saw the “leader” actually bullying me, and the girl was going to be suspended for a week. But the thing is, I was so fed up all the bullying that I punched and slapped her and left her with a bruised jaw and a handprint on her chest for a good 2-3 weeks. I got suspended, but after I took down the queen, the rest all fell off and stopped bullying me—so I thought. The ring leader or second-in-command got the girls back and continued into fifth and sixth grade, but the weird thing was, I was on and off friends with the ring leader through those 2 years. So when I was in middle school, I entered a environmental charter school because I was not doing very well in the traditional learning, falling all but 2, maybe 3 classes. I thought the bullying would stop. It didn’t. I was cyberbullied and bullied on the bus. And a girl on Facebook would call me a slut, a whore, and say that I am a freak and that nobody likes me and that my best friend, who had been so for 12 years, was just pretending, and she told me to kill myself several times do the world a favor. Then a boy on my bus one day told me when I get off make sure I jump in front of the bus so I can get ran over and die. I never told my mom about what was going on, I kept it to myself, crying myself to sleep every night. I got into self-harm. I wouldn’t cut to see blood, but I would cut to where it would leave a scar and a mark. After a few months, I told my mom what was happening. When I couldn’t handle it anymore, the problem was that by then, I was ready and seriously considering suicide, thinking no one would miss me—It would be fine. That night I tried to OD on ibuprofen, but my mom walked into the bathroom right when I had a handful, which was a good 50-100 pills and smacked them out of my hand. I sat there, crying and screaming, asking her why she didn’t just let me die because no one would care I wouldn’t be missed. I was depressed for days, weeks, months. The next week my mom told the school what had happened over the weekend and that it had been going on for months. I was on suicide watch for 2 weeks at school. I couldn’t leave a room they put me in, and I wasn’t aloud sharp objects or near rope. I had to be checked in on every 20 minutes. Seventh grade passed, and the bullying stopped for a year. I was just depressed there, and cutting once in awhile. But toward the end of 8th grade, I was getting called fat every other day. I was 150 lbs. in 8th grade. I just started puberty that summer, so I stopped eating at first. No one noticed till I told a friend, and she told my friend, who told the teachers, who told the nurse, who said I have E.D.N.O.S eating disorder, otherwise not specified. I was watched and to make sure I ate every day at lunch and at snack break. I still have days where I don’t eat, but by the end of 8th grade, I went from 150 to 129 to 134. I lost at first 21 lbs., then I lost 16 lbs. So then the bullying stopped I thought for good. Wrong. Over the summer, the girl who I thought was one of my BFF’s started dating the guy I had the HUGEST crush on. He and I had dated a few years earlier for 2 years. When I found out that they were dating, I broke down and didn’t eat. I cut daily and cried also every night. I got jealous and made nasty comments on any picture they posted. One of the guy’s friends messaged me telling me to cut some more or maybe cut deeper and that no one would date me unless they were desperate enough. I was once again told to die, and I was blamed for the boy who messaged me all these mean things for his brother doing drugs and going into foster care. Again I wanted to die. I became depressed, but I started freshman year, and I got happy to be with my friends again. I have had an amazing 2 months into school. I still have issues with eating right and sometimes cutting, but I got a wonderful British boyfriend (that’s not why I’m with him). I love him so much. He loves me for me. We started dating on Homecoming night. He lives in Illinois, and our birthdays are on same days, but different month. He plans our future together, and I hope one day to see him and hug him and never let go. Just remember that no matter what ANYONE says, you’re BEAUTIFUL how you are. Just be YOU, and if people don’t like YOU for YOU, screw them. There’s my story. Hope you enjoy; sorry if it’s long.