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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Rachel


    I was bullied back in the seventh grade. They would throw my pencil case into the garbage bin, throw my bag all the way from the fourth story window, call me names, and basically just ruin my self confidence. It stopped when I reached the ninth grade, when I started dating someone, and after sometime, I broke up with him. He caused it to start again, which in the end became even worse. It dropped my self confidence and caused me to finally begin self harming. I would like to help anyone who has ever felt bullied or harassed and would like someone to talk to. 🙂