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  • - Claire


    My bullying incidents started from the moment I started secondary school (age 11). I was large and was a massive tomboy. A girl, who I thought was my one of my childhood best friends (from age 6), highlighted these parts of me and would call me names like ‘Fatty’ or call me a man upon other names. This led me to constantly think suicidal thoughts. I became very depressed and it stunted the way I developed socially.
    My mum found out and told a teacher. I stopped talking to this girl and I thought this was the end of the bullying. Though it had already done it’s damage, I couldn’t defend myself when it came to arguments or people picking on me and I was still depressed and angry all the time. I was no longer motivated to do much and it reflected in my school work.
    I used to be someone that always did her homework the minute she got back from school every day. I completely stopped doing that, I ate comfort food all the time, and I kept up my tomboy look and personality.
    Not long after, I became the victim of bullying again (age 13). This time it was much worse. This girl took away the remainder of what good friends I had and turned them all against me. Picking on me again for my looks and weight. The worst thing about this was that I had no support whatsoever. My best friend moved on and my mum ignored my cries of being depressed and didn’t listen when I told her I wished I was dead.
    The bullying finally stopped when I moved to boarding school. It was then that I had realized the full extent of what the bullying had done to me. I had little to no social skills whatsoever and found it extremely hard to make friends. I was lucky to live with my roommates as they were the only close friends I had, and living together meant we became very close. So close that I felt comfortable enough to tell them about my troubled past.
    I see the first year in this boarding school as my rehabilitation to becoming a ‘normal’ person again and recovering from the bullying and what it had done to me. Slowly, I lost my tomboy traits and since I was no longer comfort eating, I began to lose all that weight.
    In that one year I went from an extremely shy, socially awkward, insecure, man-looking, fat, 16 year old girl who got called names like ‘fatty’ and ‘man-brows’ to an almost confident, social, thin, and unrecognizable 17 year old woman, who often gets many compliments on looks and personality.
    None of this would have happened if I had not gained 2 very close and supportive friends and completely left the bullying behind me.
    Bullying really stunts a person’s life as a teenager and even though I am doing much better now than I had in the last 6 years, it still has taken it’s toll on me. Even though I am much more social for example, I still find it very hard to maintain a conversation and make a close set of friends. Boarding school has helped me only because these two girls were literally forced to live with me and came to accept me. I am very glad that the bullying did stop and I am happy about where I am now, because I can guarantee that if the bullying continued and I did stay where I was, I definitely would not be alive today.