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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Samantha


    Bullying is a sad occurrence that has forever changed my life. I was mildly bullied in elementary school and it progressively escalated in middle school. I walked around with a target on my back. I was white at a mostly Hispanic school. I was well liked by boys. And I was in the IB program. I was constantly teased, called racial slurs, derogatory names, and taunted regularly. Not a day went by during the two years of middle school that I wasn’t a victim of someone else’s abuse. I had things thrown at me and the one time I retaliated verbally, the person responded as though they had the right to do what they did to me. I did my best to ignore it all after that for a while, as I did before. Then one day, after school, as I was waiting to be picked up, my main bully approached me, cussed at me and threw a fist straight at my face. I stood there, unable to think or react and it felt as though time had stopped. I somehow managed to block the blow to my face, but was repeatedly hit in the stomach, chest, and arms all while being taunted by her friends, who encouraged her to continue. When she finally stopped, I fled to the office crying. My two my friends just stood and watched. They did nothing to help. I was questioned by the campus police officer who then called the girl’s home. Her sister answered and the officer told her what her sister had done and her response was that I had started it. I had said nothing about this girl, but discovered later that I had an instigator who spread false rumors in order to incite a fight. The days after the fight felt like pure hell. I went out to lunch at my normal time, but was taunted left and right by her friends, who would call me chicken and other offensive names repeatedly. I went back to the office crying and was pulled out of lunch for a few days and had to sit in an in-school suspension room until my next class. I was afraid to press charges and in turn I was the one that was actually punished by being more isolated. From then on, I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone or walk down halls unsupervised. I went to school petrified and anxious, which never changed. I lived on a corner house in the same neighborhood as my bullies and in turn had my house toilet papered and walls graffitied with racist remarks. I was threatened again and again and never went a day free of fear. The bullying carried over into the next year with a new set of girls. I was threatened on a regular basis, even in the middle of class. Girls attempted to assault me during PE and I had to have my locker where the teachers could keep watch. I was constantly gossiped about, called names, taunted and intimidated daily. Thankfully, I had supportive teachers who did their best to keep me safe the rest of the year and stood outside of their rooms to make sure I made it to my classes safely. The fear never stopped though. I was constantly in the counselor’s office crying and anxious. After enduring bullying for both sixth and seventh grade, eighth grade started off similarly with a new set of girls whom I had done nothing to; so, I finally left the school and transferred. All of the hell on Earth I lived through triggered an anxiety disorder for which I had to be put on medication and still live with to this day. When high school came around, I went to a charter school to avoid the girls I had problems with. All of the anxiety had resulted in agoraphobia(social anxiety) on top of the typical anxiety and I was unable to handle regular high school. I tried to go back to regular high school many times: the first time I tried in the middle of my freshman year. I attempted a second time my sophomore year and left after a semester due to anxiety and being teased by upperclassmen. The rest of high school was a struggle since I moved around to several schools trying to find a fit. I eventually gave up after three years and tested out of high school a year early. Thanks to the acquired anxiety, college was also very difficult, and still is, and I’ve already dropped out of two semesters due to the anxiety. I was even bullied and outcasted by my church youth group during all of this. I live in fear to this day that everyone is out to hurt me and I lack the social skills to communicate with people to find a job. I have been forever changed and my once bright future as a straight A student is now dim. I am afraid I will not finish college or live normally as a healthy and independent adult. I can barely go out or do anything alone at the age of 18 as a result of bullying. I am an example of how much damage bullying can do and how much of an impact it can have. I am thankful for having the support of my family, teachers, and school counselor, even though the help of the general school administration was absent. If I had not had arms to go to or shoulders to cry on, I would not be here and likely would have taken my own life. Bullies should realize that the blood of someone they’ve abused could ultimately be on their hands and they would have to live with that guilt. If I can help anyone else who is being bullied, it would make the pain I went through worth it.