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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Simone


    was bullied for about 8 or 9 years when I was in school. Primary school was bad, but Secondary School was a lot worse. I suffered through severe bullying in my first school,so I moved to another school, where I also got bullied. There was just no escaping it. Social Networking Sites were a prime source of bullying which hugely encouraged the bullying. People would take really bad mugshot photos of me and send them to all their contacts on their phone. This happened to me in both of my secondary schools. Also, people would steal photos of me that I put on my social networking sites, that weren’t very good ones (unbeknowist to me at the time) and put them on their social networking sites without my permission along with captions such as “eeeeeee” and “what a freak” and loads of other people would make really horrible comments on it about how ugly I was. Of course this made me believe I was ugly. Also, a rumour went round about me that I had my period in the swimming pool. Of course this wasn’t true, just a load of horrible,heartless people determined to make my life full of misery and humilation. The rumour spread round the whole of my year, possibly others, as I would have countless people,including boys, coming up to me and asking me if I had my period in the swimming pool. They genuinly believed it of course, as they sniggered at me with spite. The rumour went on for a while, as even after I left the school I had people on formspring leaving anonymus,hateful messages tormenting me about “having my period in the swimming pool” and some people were even determined to make my life a further misery after I left the school as they attempted to get the rumour spread round into my new school as they told some girls they knew from my school. Fortunately the rumour didn’t spread round my school, but to be disgusted at like this made me truly humilated. What I had a lot of in both schools was peop! le being desperate not to sit by me as they’d openly exclaim how disgusted they were at the thought of sitting by me, treating me like a disease. The teachers would never do anything about it though. The teachers were so oblivous to my trauma in my first school particulary,despite their “Anti-Bullying Policy” it was pathetic. They didn’t have a clue about bullying,they just wanted to give their school a good reputation. Whenever I complained to them they would just have a a “little word” with the bullies with a mere “Just don’t do it again please” Also when I was in class feeling distraught with my head in my hands, the teacher was so ignorant and rather than checking if I was all right first, snapped at me to pay attention. I would also have people,mostly boys, who would go “BLEUGHH!” every time they saw me,disgusted at the sight of me, which they still did after I left the school whenever they saw me on the street. The girls would also continue to harass me after I left the school, as whenever they saw me on the street coming home from school, they would crowd round me and intimidate me. Also they would say a fake “hi” to me and burst out laughing. I was naive enough to say hi back even after the first time they did it. Asif that wasn’t enough, I didn’t have any real friends in my first school. Every social group I hung out in they would tell me to stop hanging round with them and just left me without friends. These girls would cause more trouble for me after they isolated me as they crowded round me on the way home from school one day falsley accusing me of all sorts making up numerous different lies, furiously demanding to know why I was being so snotty to them and getting them into trouble. When I moved to my new school, things did not get any better for me. Being in an all girls school, i was targeted through a lot of harsh bitchiness. The worst was when a big crowd of girls furiously stormed into the library and cornered me, demanding to know why I’d been saying that they were being horrible to me,which they had been. I had no idea how they found out as I only told a few people, but obviously I couldn’t trust anybody. This was only two months after I started there as well. There was no teacher supervising there ofcourse. One girl even shouted “GO BACK TO YOUR OLD SCHOOL!” Girls would always threaten me not to snitch on them as well, which made me realize how cowardely these bullies were. Another time I had said a few harmless,jokes to someone and somehow it had been twisted and had loads of girls ganging up on me,furious with me about this twisted rumour that I had done something really mean, which turned everyone against me. They would always try to make out that I was a horrible person insisting that I “caused shit” all the time. The internet became a bigger source of entertainment for them as it gave people the opportunity to torment me as much as they wanted to…