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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Jete


    Ever since I was in kindergarten I have been bullied, mostly by the girls in my class. Even the people I thought were my friends bullied me. The girls constantly said I was ugly, or my hair was too long, or my feet were to big, but the big one was that I was too skinny. I have both genes for Celiac disease, but we didn’t know, so I was eating regular food. My stomach constantly hurt, so I didn’t want to eat much. The girls would shun me and wouldn’t want to talk or play with me. As a little kid, I didn’t really understand why they wouldn’t play with me, so I kept trying to play with them, but it just made it worse. My mom would talk to the kids’ parents, but it wouldn’t help. Last year, my so called friends, started saying mean things about me when I wasn’t around. A girl in my class told me what they were saying, but I kind of already knew. The things were so horrible that I can’t even say them. A couple years ago there was a boy in my class who was a little overweight. No one made fun of him. Since he was insecure with himself, he started calling me anorexic (he followed that with a nasty curse word), I went to the teacher, and she immediately took care of it, he stopped calling me anorexic, but he didn’t stop calling me a curse word for telling on him. The next year, he left the school. Another boy took his place, this boy used to be my friend. One day he started telling people I was pregnant. I didn’t hear it from him, I heard it from a girl who bullied me, so naturally I didn’t believe it. Then one day, I was talking to my friend (who happens to be the bully’s friend as well), out of no where the bully called me ugly, he said shut up no one likes you, then he said you walk like you are pregnant. That’s when I knew he was spreading rumors about me being pregnant. Every time I walked into a room, he would say “get the (bleep) out, no one likes you, you walk like your pregnant, your so skinny, your ugly. It got so bad that almost every day I went home and cried. My mom kept wanting to tell the school, but I kept saying no. One day after school, my mom and I went in and told the teacher. It turned out he was already getting in trouble for cyber bullying another girl who was a year older than us. He got an in school suspension. School ended shortly after that. Since we went to a private school, our school didn’t have enough money to stay open, so our schools sister high school opened a junior high. I went there for this year, so did the bully, and all the other bullies. Over the summer I was hanging out with a friend from my class. She was actually always mean to me, but she was sort of like the popular girl so I stayed friends with her. One time she pushed me and said, “you can’t stand here I don’t like you.”. Back to the summer, we were at her mom’s work in the conference room. She locked me and her cousin out. I have asthma, and my inhaler and cell phone were in the conference room. She grabbed my phone and started texting someone from my phone. I got nervous because I knew how vicious she was, I had an asthma attack and didn’t have my inhaler. She wouldn’t give it to me for like 10 minutes. I was so sick from that, my chest hurt for days. That night I basically told her that I did not want to be friends with her anymore. When we went back to school this year I unfortunately got a locker next to that girl, she repeatedly blocked me from getting to my locker, all because I didn’t talk to her over the summer. The boy that bullied me last year started up again in October. After a couple days of him constantly bullying me, we were in art class drawing a picture, it was the 100 minute class so we were all talking. I wasn’t even talking to him when he said shut up, your ugly, i hate you, so does everyone else. I got so mad, I started screaming at him, saying..”Oh yeah, b/c people just love you, you are so ugly and fat, which is the only reason you make fun of me.” I stood above him with my fist over him, another boy in the class actually pulled me away and calmed me down. I should have stayed calm, I know I was wrong to get mad like that. After that happened, I went to a counselor at my school, who was also my sixth grade teacher. She talked to the bully. He had a couple detentions. We were standing at our lockers one day when he said very loudly “guess what I will be doing when I get back from my cruise…..i have detention b/c she’s a tattle tale.(meaning me). I told him to shut up. He said “Oh I can’t tell you to shut up, but you can tell me to shut up?” “I said I’m defending myself it’s different” He said” I never even did anything to you, you made the whole thing up.” I said “oh so you are just a pretend bully and I’m a pretend victim.” He went and told the teachers but they already knew what was going on, but I did have to tell them what happened because he twisted the story. So he got in even more trouble. He finally stopped after his detentions. At lunch, girls put their book bags so I can’t sit next to them. They always talk about me. I guess I just gave up trying to be friends with them. They stopped saying stuff to my face so I can’t really stand up to them. But when I get the chance, I do.