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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Riley


    During the second grade I developed a tick disorder similar to Tourette’s syndrome. I was confused and embarrassed by my involuntary blinks and twitches and the ridicule of my classmates made me feel less than worthless. Because of which, I began suffering from anxiety attacks that made me wished that I was invisible. I chose not to participate in class and kept to myself during lunch and recess. This reclusive behavior only made me seem weirder and gave the bullies another reason to taunt me. It was only with the help of my parents and two very special teachers that I became more accepting of my condition. Once they convinced me that I had more to offer in life, I transformed into a totally different person. Every year when I start a new school grade, I still get teased about my twitches, but I can handle it. It is no big thing because I refuse to let anyone define me because of something I cannot control. Through the years I have worked very hard to maintain an A average (and won President Obama’s Academic Excellence Award), earned a green belt in —– Karate and I am very active in the —– charity events that raise money for disabled children and veterans. The more interests I developed, the more friends I made who liked me for my values and personality. The most important lesson I learned though out the years is: people can only hurt you if you let them. Don’t let ignorant people affect your life! Be the best you can be, work hard and trust the people that love and care about you when they tell you things will get better. If you do good things and try to make the world a better place good people will gravitate towards you. I promise.