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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Rachel


    I was bullied in middle school. 6-7th grad,e so I was 11-13.
    I was bullied for how I walked, talked, my nose, and how skinny I was.
    7th grade came and this girl that was the same race as me, but she acted like she was black and started to bully me as well as her friends. I let her do it for a bit, until I had enough.
    We were in my math teachers class taking a test. the bully was also in there taking the test, and she would throw baby balls at me and cuss me out. I was all the way in the front, so I was by the door. She missed me when she threw the paper ball. I turned around and laughed at her. I was getting so pissed, but acted like it wasn’t bothering me ,although I was shaking and trembling uncontrollably while trying to convince myself to stand up for myself. She flipped me off, I laughed and turned around.

    After class, I walked out and found my friend I gave her my backpack and told her I’m fighting that girl. People overheard me and starting gathering in a circle, as that bully came towards me and said, “were going to fight after school” and started to walk off. I grabbed her shirt and said no, were fighting right now —- She said “oh okay,” and she started to take off her jacket and her hoops. I was ready while she was taking her time, so a friend of mine pushed me towards her. I started to swing on her, I went crazy and blacked out. I was in the video, because my friend recorded it. One arm pushed her against the locker and kept her in place by holding her chest to the locker with my arm while my other arm was repeatedly hitting her in the face and head. I heard people saying oh and going crazy and then it got quiet. A teacher pulled us off, and grabbed us and started heading to the office. She some how became loose from the teacher and hit me behind my head. It seriously hurt and I turned around and started walking towards her, but my teacher grabbed me.

    We were suspended. She found me on Facebook and said the only reason she didn’t win was because she was barred out. I was like lol, pills stop you from fighting well? lol excuses, excuses.

    I came back and one of her friends that was mean came up to me and was being nice and walked with me. Weird.

    In 8th grade, we fought again, I was heading down the stairs to eat and saw her and two other friends walking up the stairs. She touched me and was talking —- and so was the other girls. I said don’t —— touch me and kept walking and she tried to push me down the stairs. I kept walking though and she followed me and was talking —-. I couldn’t maintain myself any longer, so I turned around and said, is this what you want? Fine! And we started fighting and I blacked out again. Three male teachers were trying to get us off each other. I booted her in the nose cause she wouldn’t let go of my hair and blood poured all over me. They pulled us apart and I looked at my clothes and on the ground and saw a puddle of blood on the floor and blood all over my kahki jeans and shirt and hands. And I saw a patch of my hair on the ground from her pulling it out.

    We went to the office; she was in another room, and she ran out. And yelled, you broke my 60$ hoops —– blah, blah I told her that wasn’t my fault your the one who wanted to fight. Ever since then, no one messed with me again, I mean seriously no one.