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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Sherri's Son


    I wanted to share this with you…My son was a victim of extreme bullying for his entire elementary and middle grade years. He is now 16 years old, and he was told to write a poem for his english final. This is what he wrote.

    Kids can be the worst

    Kids can be the worst
    Kids can be the worst.
    Not in the normal,joking way;
    but in the emotionally effective way.
    They can be the cruelest & most ruthless.
    Kids can poke & prod;
    tease and torture each other.

    Kids can be the worst of bullies.

    Sure; bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
    Adults can bully, teasing each other and being,
    what’s the word?….


    Kids can be the worst to each other.

    They can break each other down;
    both physically and mentally.
    They can crush each other’s spirits,
    like a rock to gravel it is destroyed and unrestorable.

    Adults claim to care,
    saying “if you get picked on talk to me”
    but the victimized kids go to them;
    they hope & beg for help,
    i’ve begged and pleaded,
    but they always say one thing:

    “they’re just being kids”.

    However they only claim to care because,
    It’s the law.
    However, that’s only in 15 states.
    If that doesn’t show how this issue can go un ignored,
    nothing does.
    These laws were more than likely implemented
    by people some-how involved with bullied youth.

    Yet lot of the time these laws get ignored.
    Children’s pleas go unanswered fairly often.
    Teachers claim they’ll take care of it;
    but they don’t.

    Kids can be the worst,

    but not just the bullies.
    Kids can be the most vulnerable.

    Kids can be the worst to defend themselves,
    They can find it hard to be themselves.

    I thought the only way to stop it ;
    was to stop being myself;
    To become something i wasn’t.

    “Friends” can turn on you.

    A close friend can turn into a greatest threat.
    I trusted a kid; he threatened my family;
    I helped him and he threatened my life.

    So tell me again how kids are only kidding,
    how they don’t try to be mean,
    how i’m over exaggerating;
    because from what i’ve seen,
    what i’ve gone through,

    Kids can the the worst;

    The worst of bullies,
    The worst to each other,
    The worst to defend themselves,
    The worst to be themselves.

    Kids can be the worst of the worst.
    But not in the joking sense.