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People from all over the world have been bullied and cyber bullied. They have shared their stories, poems and experiences with you. By learning about what others go through, you come to realize that many targets go through the same struggles. You are not alone. We may post your story or poem on our site. If you wish to post your story you can click now.


  • - Makayala


    In middle school I got this disease. I couldn’t help it. It was called MRSA. It was like staph infection but I had it for like a year. I was always at the doctor. I missed a lot of school. Whenever I did go to school I would wear band aids over the scars and bumps from where the doctors had cut open and lanced the infected blood out of my arm, but I would constantly bleed at times out of my arm and I would wear band aids and a jacket but the blood would seep out through the band aid and through my jacket. You could see the blood running down my arm and the blood stains on my jacket. It was terrible. It hurt to touch my arm or even move it. Anyways, kids at school noticed of course. They saw my arm, the band aids, and the blood and they always asked me if I had STDs or something. They said it was gross which made me embarrassed and feel terrible because I had no control over it or anything. People wouldn’t talk to me because of it. This is kind of personal, but it made me depressed.