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  • - Anonymous


    e school FAILED to provide my son with a safe environment
    in the “classroom” on April 1 2014 my son was stabbed in the back of the ear
    with a pen by another student. I notified the teacher after I discovered
    it (the wound)on my son along with other bruises on his arm, on April 4th
    I met with his teacher who immediately moved my son’s desk, 3 separate
    times my son was victimized by this student in the class room while the teacher was busy “talking to some girls”
    as my son put in his own words. At my request to remove my son or the other student from the classroom
    permanently, the school officials denied it. My son the victim felt unsafe in the
    class room with the other child there. My son went as far as to ask
    another student to hide his body from the other boy. I requested again
    please remove my son or the other student. My request was denied again. I spoke with
    the Superintendent, the Principle and their attitude was my son should learn to
    speak up, or pick his friends better. On April 23 I filed a police report to open an investigation, which now the
    school officials are saying was “Horseplay” I am now in the process of
    getting an Attorney for Defamation and emotion and physical stress this
    has been on me and my child. I have spoken to a reporter who will go forth
    with a story to let people know that victims of bullying in this School District
    are not accommodated to feel safe after a case to this extent has
    occurred. The school took the attitude that this incident had not
    warranted the accommodation of safety for my child or any other children in
    that classroom. The school counselor in her words said she could guarantee 100% that my child would be safe in the classroom where the crime took place.
    This was unbelievable to me that anyone could 100% guarantee his safety after placing him back in the Lion’s den so to speak.

    I hope to educate the people in this district to fight
    for the rights of a victim of bullying to feel safe in the classroom or any other part of the school premises
    should there child fall victim to being bullied.
    Someone needs to talk to the current superintendent on how to deal with
    parents of victims of bullying. The Superintendent told me and I quote: “we as
    parents need to teach our children how to pick better friends” end quote.
    Also the Principle said in front of my son quote:”(J####) needs to learn to
    speak up and tell someone when these kind of things occur,.We can’t do
    anything if he doesn’t speak up” end quote. This should never had been said in front
    of my child in that manner. Now my son thinks its his fault he got beat up
    and stabbed because he didn’t speak up sooner. He could barely tell me
    about the incident much less tell a school official. He was scared of retaliation and is still scared.
    Something needs to be done to set an example that this kind of attitude
    from school officials should not be tolerated toward a victim or parents of a child
    who has been bullied. This incident has hinder his capacity to learn and concentrate on
    his studies, he has to see a counselor, “Each student should be
    provided the tools and opportunities as well as a safe enviorment to help prepare them for their career
    choices which eventually leads to a better quality of life.” Where was my
    son’s opportunity?. What kind of message are sending to the victims of bullying if they request
    to feel safe in a classroom and their request are denied? What quality of life is he expected to have
    During this whole process, I requested anything a note, letter ect, from the school stating
    that I requested my son be moved or the other child be removed from the classroom
    where the bullying took place., I also requested a
    letter or note or copies of notes that I disagreed to having both boys
    interviewed at the same time by the principle do to possible retaliation. At best I just wanted
    something, anything in writing that the incident I reported occurred. Every
    single one of my request were denied! So now I was forced to Publicly make it
    known by filing a police report to force an investigation so that this does not happen to another victim. However imagine my outrage when the Police officer came back and told me that the
    Teacher and the school counselor said this was a case of “Horseplay”
    WOW!!! are you serious? After being informed as to what the school said.
    I urged the Deputy to interview my son alone and my son
    told the same story he had been telling all along and to everyone that it was not an
    accident, they were not playing around, and that the other child was angry
    with him because my son no longer wanted to play with him anymore. Meaning
    each time the boy asked my child to play football with him my son said no. At the
    time my son was interviewed by the teacher, the teacher asked why do you
    think he would hit you? My son replied because I don’t want to play with
    him anymore so he(the bully) said “ok I’m not your friend anymore” I ask you does
    this sound like “horseplay”? My son told this to the teacher the first day we
    made the teacher aware of the occurrence. My son told me after the first time he hit
    him. My son asked him to stop then my son decided he didn’t want to be friends anymore with the boy. My
    son told me how he would get down and make like a “turtle” to protect himself from the boy’s abuse.
    This was told to the school officials.
    So for them to say this was “horseplay” is an outrage I am now very furious!!
    How dare they do this to my son when he finally had the
    courage enough to come out of his silence and expose the bully!!! Someone
    please have a heart and fight for my son’s so that I might feel that I can
    trust the school system again.