Report/Block Cyberbullies


Social Media Safety: Protect Profiles from Cyberbullies

  • profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone with access to the internet
  • There are a few ways to protect yourself on but the primary purpose is anonymous questions. This link provides a general overview of safety tips
  • A user can also report abuse, bullying, spam and much more here


  • Abuse can be reported by e-mailing Facebook directly at .
  • You can find additional information about reporting abuse at the following link: link
  • Facebook has a new safety center to help parents, teens, and educators.
  • Access the center:


  • Is an application that enables people to share photos with one another
  • Accounts can be seen as “safe” which means the user is good at censoring their own content
  • Flickr provides a “how to keep myself safe on flickr” page here
  • Flickr also has a variety of ways to report users for abuse/compromised accounts and so on.  These links can be found here
  • To learn how to directly report a member or picture for abuse follow this link
  • This website provides an in depth help center that answers countless different questions about privacy in this link


  • Foursquare enables the user to share the location of places they have visited with their friends
  • These accounts can also be linked to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • To report abuse or harassment follow the instructions here
  • To report a specific photo follow this link
  • A user can edit individual privacy settings by signing into their account and clicking here
  • To learn about all privacy aspects of Foursquare click here


  • Kik is an instant messaging application downloadable for smart phones, iPads, Microsoft products etc.
  • The Kik website does an excellent job of explaining how to keep your account private in this link
  • People can only message you if you give them your username
  • To find out how to block someone from messaging click here
  • You can “ignore new people” in this application which hides messages from people who aren’t already in your contact list.
  • Follow this link to learn more about ignoring messages from new people and how to ignore them !


  • Microsoft, maker of the XBox 360 – Complaints are reviewed. People who use speech can have their voice privileges removed. Players can be reported to law enforcement if their conduct has criminal intent.
  • Parents can modify who their children play with, what games are played and find other tools.

Google Plus+:

  • Google Plus+ has easy instructions on how to report a post or block a person.

There are also a tip for parents concern about their child using Google Plus+ All information can be found here.

  • With the iOS 6 software, users can block unwanted incoming messages.
  • Go to Setting => Notifications => Messages => Scroll down to “Show iMessages Alert From” => Select “My Contacts Only”.
  • To block people on the newest software, iOS 7, follow these simple instructions here
  • This will block iMessages, texts, Facetimes and calls.


  • Instagram Guidelines to what is considered appropriate at Instagram can be found here
  • Instagram accounts can either be public or private
  • Private accounts require people to be accepted by you before they can see your profile
  • Instagram provides their users instructions on how to flag any inappropriate or offensive pictures, comments, or users is provided here
  • Or directly report harassment or bullying here


  • This social networking site is mostly for adults in the professional world
  • To learn how to report a various amount of violations follow this link
  • Linkedin offers a large array of privacy protection (personal/account/identity etc) for the user that can be found here


  • Pinterest provides detailed step-by-step instructions for users to follow when encountering an offensive/abusive picture, comment, or user.
  • You can read more about it here.


  • This application is available to anyone ages 13 and up
  • There is no way to save an image sent by Snapchat through the actual application. However, someone can take a screenshot of the picture they receive and save it to their phones. When this occurs the sender of the image will be notified that the person took a screenshot.
  • There is an option to prevent strangers from sending snapchats by going into settings (either a gear on the top right or a button on the bottom right of the screen depending on the phone) and changing the “who can send me snaps” from “Everyone” to “My Friends”
  • To report abuse, harassment or unsolicited pictures e-mail to or click here to report any concerns
  • Learn more in depth information about staying safe on Snapchat here
  • Or learn about SnapKidz application for children under 13 in this link


  • Skype is an application that allows people to video chat and instant message with others
  • The Skype website provides detailed instructions on how to report abuse and block a user on both Windows and Macintosh (Mac) software here
  • How to manage privacy and who can contact you can be found by clicking on either mac computerwindows desktop  or linux (Formerly Formspring)

  • is a place to meet people and start conversations usually through questions
  • You can either have a protected (private) or public account
  • This is how to make your account private
  • has detailed their privacy policy here
  • It also provides a help center where the user can type in any question to receive the appropriate response in this link
  • To block a user following these instructions
  • To report cyberbullying or harassment submit a request here
  • Spring. me even offers an extensive explanation of what to do if you encounter bullying or find someone impersonating another person here
  • There is even guidelines for reporting possible suicidal behavior or posts that is explained here in this link

Text Messages:

  • Log into your cell phone account online and look for “Messaging Preferences” or similar.AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, Verizon and Sprint now allow you to adjust your settings to block certain contacts using usage options.
  • You may have to pay an additional monthly fee and register for this service for it to become active.
  • You will likely have a limit for the number of contacts you can add to this list.
  • Save the phone number to your contact list. You can name it “Blocked.”
  • Then edit the contact and scroll to “Messages” or “Text” options.
  • Change the volume to “silent” and turn any LED light and vibration settings off.
  • This will allow you stop being notified when you get a message from this person


  • Is an application designed to meet other people you find interesting
  • It has become a dating application for users above the age of 13
  • In order to have a Tinder the user must also have a Facebook
  • The application uses GPS location to find other people near you
  • Follow this link to learn more about privacy on Tinder
  • In order to block someone from messaging you-go into their chat
  • Then click on “block” in the upper right hand corner of the chat
  • Or hit Flag/Report also on the upper right hand corner to report offensive comments or abuse


  • Tumblr blogs are public and can be seen by anyone with access to the internet
  • Technically users under the age of 13 are not allowed on the website
  • There is an option to turn off the anonymous messaging feature of Tumblr to prevent people from sending hate mail. Go into Settings on the top right (it looks like a gear) and change the “let people ask questions” to no.
  • If bullying occurs you can follow this link type in the users URL and they will not see your posts or be able to send messages from their account
  • After ignoring a user they are added to a list and directly under their username is “Report: spam, harassment” click on one of those words and they will be reported.
  • Another option is to save proof of bullying (screen shots etc.) and attach it in an e-mail to
  • There is also the option of creating a secondary blog and making it password protected for privacy
  • Tumblr also provides a question mark icon on the home page that allows the user to click on the icon and type in any question or concern they may have to get an answer.


  • Twitter’s guideline can be found here.
  • Twitter accounts can be made private or public and only people you are following can send you direct messages (DMs)
  • A general outline of all things a user can do to keep themselves safe from online abuse is here
  • A user can report bullying, abuse or harassment directly by following this link
  • Any other types of violations can be reported here


  • The guidelines for uploading appropriate videos are posted on Youtube’s community guidelines is here
  • Anyone can flag a video as inappropriate.
  •  If Youtube reviews the video and finds it to be inappropriate, the video is shut down.
  •  If they decide to terminate the user’s account the user is prohibited from ever having another account on Youtube.
  • Youtube allows user to not only report videos, but also block users who are making inappropriate comments.
  • You can learn more about it here.


  • Is an instant messaging application
  • This link details how to block someone on WhatsApp
  • The website provides a help center where you can ask a question pertaining to your question here
  • Bullying or abuse can be reported by sending an email to