E-teen Leader Requirements




Beyond Bullies E-teen Leaders' are required to provide a safe, caring and friendly space for bullied teens online. Many times, admitting to being afraid to go to school or to talk to an adult is very uncomfortable. We are looking for teens who want to make a difference and help bullied teens get the information and resources they need in order to help them feel safe in school, at home, in their communities or when they go online.  The chats are non-judgemental and each person must be willing to be open-minded and sensitive at all times. So common is the feeling of not wanting to go to school, but it can be even worse when you're being bullied or cyberbullied. .

E-teen leaders can build build character, tolerance and leadership skills. Students who become peer mentors with Beyond Bullies can use the skills they have learned when they apply for college, in their day-to-day lives and when they tranisiton into the workforce.

Make sure to complete applicaiton, have two references email reference forms to the address provided on the form and make sure to have a parent or legal guardian sign and mail a consent form.  Applicaitons that are not completed with all 3 requirements will not be processed. 

E-Teen Leader Application Requirements

  • High School Freshman, Sophomore or Junior
  • Complete Application
  • Submit two personal references
  • Signed Parent Consent Form
  • Personal Interview with Program Manager
  • Training

E-Teen Leader Skills

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • At ease discussing personal Issues with peers
  • Regular access to a computer and e-mail account
  • Comfortable with technology

E-Teen Leader – References

  1. Please make sure two completed reference forms are completed by the following: teacher, coach, counselor, work supervisor, or therapist 
  2. Email both reference forms to teenleader@beyondbullies.org
  3. http://beyondbullies.org/programs/mentor-reference-form-2/ Reference Form

E-Teen Leader Parent Consent form

  1. Must be signed by one parent
  2. Mailed to Melissa Sherman, Executive Director 8560 Whitworth Drive Suite 5, Los Angeles, CA 90035
  3. Consent Form http://beyondbullies.org/programs/parent-consent-form/Consent Form