Teen Leadership and Adolescent Program



Beyond Bullies empowers teens providing them with leadership skills to help protect students against bullying in middle and high school. 

One of our main goals of the program is teaching students how to become active bystanders in bullying situations, rather than just remaining silent.  We want our message to bring people together, empowering students to use their voices, realizing they are not alone, and they are agents of change against bullying at their schools, online, and in their communities.

The training teaches sophomores and juniors how to identify, report, handle and stop bullying. These teens provide presentations in the community middle schools, impacting hundreds of students at an age where bullying begins to heighten.

Teen Leaders will have the chance to learn new skills, practice leadership and  earn community service hours. Students who complete the program can apply what they’ve learned to their college applications, their resumes and their internships.