Active Bystander Program – Bullying Prevention


Beyond Bullies (BB), the first organization in the US with a revolutionary E-Teen Leader Online Support Program, is challenging YOU to be an active bystander when you witness bullying. 

Beyond Bullies' Active Bystander program trains teens to take a preventive stance against bullying as they witness it.  Teens become positive role models among their peers to help reduce and eliminate bullying.

Active Bystanders play a key role in stopping bullying. Bullies depend on bystanders to support them or do nothing to stop them.  The real leaders are those who choose to take an active role when they witness bullying and decide not go along with the crowd.

The Active Bystander training allows high school students to become leaders in their school as well as ambassadors to younger students who are at the highest risk for bullying.

We work with teachers, students and student groups and encourage them to become active, rather than passive bystanders.  When students and teachers band together, bullies begin to find other outlets. The bystander, bully and target all benefit.    

Beyond Bullies understands the vital role parents play in supporting their children's success as well as being an integral part of the Active Bystander program. We make parents aware of bullying that occurs on most campuses and how can they can take an active role to support our program in schools.  

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