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Frequently Asked Questions about E-teen leader:

How safe is the Beyond Bullies E-teen leader Web site?

In order to keep the experience safe and secure, all communication is completely virtual, carried out through a safe Web site. All teen leaders will be given a password and have to pass a background check before being able to volounteer their time and assist bullied teens.

Do you have policies against sharing personal information or meeting in person with students I am mentoring?

To keep the relationship protected and anonymous, never share last names, email addresses, telephone numbers, passwords, school names, social networking sites or any other identifying details. Under no circumstance will any teen leader give meet with anyone they communicate with on the discussion boards on IM in person. All communications are filtered and monitored to ensure all students are protected. If the rules of the site are broken and teens try to meet offline, they will be suspended from the site.

2) What is the time commitment?

Developing a relationship with your mentees takes time, so plan to spend at least three hours per week reviewing targets of bullying questions and giving them in-depth feedback. It takes time to develop a relationship. We ask that you make an initial commitment of one school year. Because the communicaiton is online, you will be able to work from your personal computer.

3) What are the requirements to be a Teen Leader?

All volunteers are required to submit application that describes why they feel they would be good teen leaders and whether they have had previous volunteering experience. Two personal references will be requested and a parent consent form will be required the first day of training. All teen leaders will need to go through an initial three training as well as online trainings throughout the year.

4) Who makes contact first?

Upon completion of the training program, teen leaders will be given access to the site, where they will answer questions and make the initial contact with students in need of assistance.

5) What is the geographic location of the schools?

Any high school freshman sophomore, junior or incoming senior in the United States can apply.

6) What if I get asked a question I can't answer?

It is likely that you will. You will be able to refer teens to information located on our Web site, as well as to resources and professionals who can assist them.

7) How will I prepare to work with someone I've never met before?

We provide trainings to help you get started as an e-leader. You will also be required to attend online trainings in order keep up with the latest information that can assist you.