Kaiser Permanente Hospital’s Social Workers Get Help from Beyond Bullies

Beyond Bullies Prepared Social Workers and Other Caring Professionals at Kaiser Permanente Hospital on Forms of Bullyng, What to Look For, and What Questions to ask When Working with Patients









Melissa Sherman, the Executive Director of Beyond Bullies headed a workshop on the ‘Warning Signs of Bullying and Preventative Measures’ on April 16, 2014 at Kaiser Permanente’s Hospital on La Cienega in Los Angeles, CA. Speaking to an audience of 30 social workers, Melissa explained how to look for when you think a child is being bullied and what steps to take to prevent bullying.

In the ninety minute presentation,  Melissa also gave tips on how to handle the situation if the victim is being bullied and how to explain the situation to parents and other adults. Whether the client is a bystander or a victim, the situation should be handled appropriately to prevent long-term psychological damage.


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