Media Articles

10/17/14  Splash Magazines Worldwide mentions video competition and features “How to Beat a Bully.”

09/03/14 Launch of Video Competition with pop/rock stars and celebrities

8/09/14 Beyond Bullies is speaker at Getty Museum for special event for National Association of Professional Women

7/27/14 Beyond Bullies to speak to live audience during live stream for Celebrity Teen Scene

7/23/14 Beyond Bullies is interviewed on Alexis’ community show KIIS-FM

7/21-7/22 Beyond Bullies to work with Markham Summer Camp Campers and Counselors with at-risk kids

6/27/14 Beyond Bullies is interviewed by KPFK News 90.7 FM on Bullying and Suicide

6/17/14 Beyond Bullies partners with Galvanized Souls at Anti Bullying Event

5/08/14  Beyond Bullies works with Girl Scouts in Sherman Oaks on Anti Bullying projects

4/25/14 Beyond Bullies participates in Media Leaders Conference on 4-person panel

4/16/16 Beyond Bullies provides training to Kaiser Permanente Social Workers and other Caring Professionals

4/12/14 Beyond Bullies presents at Special Needs Conference

2/4/14 Beyond Bullies partners with Alliance

9/7/13 Beyond Bullies and Krav Maga partner up to Equip Children with Back to School Techniques and Tools

04/11/13 USC Annenberg Radio News Interviewed Beyond Bullies’ Executive Director, Melissa Sherman

11/08/12 Australian Parliament is Meeting with Beyond Bullies to Discuss Sexting Issues

11/04/2012 Beyond Bullies Kicks off Anti Bullying Week with Talks with University High School about Teen Leadership Program Beyond Bullies Kicks Off Anti Bullying Week with Talks with University High School About Teen Leadership Program

9/1/2011 Differences Magazin

3/13/2011 Yahoo Online News – Beyond Bullying: A Place to Help and Get Help with Bullying

3/07/2011 Examiner – Bullying, cyberbullying and teen deaths by suicide. When will we get beyond bullying?

2/28/2011 PR.Com Press Release – Beyond Bullies Launches Web site to Connect Bullied Teens with Online Peer Mentors to Meet Digital Needs of Targets of Bullying and Cyber bullyin