About Beyond Bullies

Beyond Bullies (BB), was founded for the purpose of providing relief for bullied children and to create awareness about the impacts of bullying.  Melissa Sherman came up with the concept while working with a coach in April, 2010.  Melissa and a group of friends discussed the concept and together they worked on a plan to launch the online program.  Some of the services Beyond Bullies provides include: E-Teen Leader, an online one-on-one confidential chat between trained teen leaders and bullied teens spread across the country; an end to the silent bystander program, a teen leadership and adolescent bullying prevention program; workshops/trainings for school faculty, students, teachers and professionals who work with youth.

Mission Statement
Beyond Bullies is dedicated to helping youth who have become the targets of bullying and cyber bullying, by providing them online real-time support from E-teen leaders, viral campaigns to engage youth to take action and prevention/educational programs to create awareness to stop it.

The Vision
A future where bullying or cyber bullying is not tolerated or accepted and immediate consequences are given to those who bully at school or using any form of digital technology.

The Purpose
Beyond Bullies’ goal is to provide youth who are the target of any form of bullying support in order for them to feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.  We empower teens to become leaders against bullying in their schools and to help middle school and elementary students learn to handle bullying in a way that will make them feel empowered, safe and want to achieve in school. We strive to educate people who work with children and help them identify the signs of bullying in order to prevent it and understand what actions to take when they see it.

Beyond Bullies Program Overview

E-teen leader
The program that reaches nationally, providing resources that help students build character and integrity, which sets the stage for them to learn how to manage their feelings and have empathy and compassion for bullies and themselves. The program is also is a safe place for teens to communicate what it’s like for them to go to school when they are taunted, physically intimidated, beaten up, socially excluded, or tormented online. They have the opportunity to learn they are not alone. Online support is available through chat rooms and email.  Teens across the country are trained to become E-teen leaders as well as to get help.

Community/Professional Resources
Beyond Bullies provides professional workshops and presentations for hospitals, cousneling centers, city/county agencies, organizations, middle school and high school teachers, administrators, counselors and other school employees.  Outreach includes participation in health fairs.

Free brochures are available to help bullied teens, bystanders and teens who want to become E-teen leaders.  Materials are also distributed to students during lunch period.

Teen Leadership and Adolescent Bullying Prevention 
The program empowers students by providing them with leadership skills to help protect students against bullying in middle and high school. One of our main goals of the program is teaching students how to become active bystanders in bullying situations, rather than just remaining silent.  We want our message to bring people together, empowering students to use their voices, realizing they are not alone, and they are agents of change against bullying at their schools, online, and in their communities.

Working for Children’s Rights
Beyond Bullies gives children and adults the tools to make a difference. We provide letters, legislative links, links to offices that handle discriminatory practices and online petitions that will help ensure the safety of children both in-school and through digital technology.

Beyond Bullies is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3).