Boy on Boy Bullying – Strategies that Work

How Being Cool Can Help Boys Ward off Bullying 

It’s all in how you say something and not what you say. Hmmm. What does that mean? Let me explain. By learning how to respond to bullies, you are more likely to feel better about the situation. There are specific strategies you can learn that can help you deflect bullying without losing your cool.

Bullying can take on many forms, ranging from name-calling, taunting to unwanted physical contact or even sexting, which can leave a target of bullying feeling very vulnerable. Name-calling is not as prevalent among girls as it is with boys.  Here are some bullying strategies that may help you when you are called names and made fun of.

Since we all have different personalities, it is important to understand, which strategy will work to fit who you are, when you are bullied.  These bullying strategies are meant to help you when you freeze up, become emotional as well as react rather than respond. 

Think of bullies as needing negative attention. When you give them an emotional response and lash out or cry, you feed their egos. Remember, they seek power and control. By making you doubt yourself, they win.

Do not allow their poison to sink in. It’s your life.

Let’start with HUMOR :)…

  1. You are told that you look like a giraffe.  How can you respond with humor?
  • Well, at least I’m not a shrimp
  • Walk away and tell no one what happened
  • I guess Michael Jordan and I have something in common
  • All of the above

(By admitting the obvious, you are showing that you’re okay with who you are, and not allowing bullies to see that they’ve upset you.) Remember, be cool! Bullies are looking for an emotional response, so they can make fun of you. Don’t give them anything to play with, including your feelings.

B.  You are called a geek or a herd. Using humor, how can you respond?

  • You throw a book at the bully and run
  • Look down at the floor, and wait until the bully and his friends leave
  • There are millions of people who like Star Trek, so I guess I’m not the only one
  • Haven’t you heard, girls like nerds?
  • 2 and 3

Here is another example. Make sure to practice in the mirror or with someone you trust, so you can be cool, calm and collected when a bully strikes. By having quick one-liners ready, you help to diffuse heated situations, where your emotions are likely to take over.

C.  A bully calls you four-eyes. Using humor what is your response?

  • You think nothing you do matters and you tell no one what happened
  • These glasses see everything, even how stupid you look
  • These eyes, (point to glasses), oh, they’re my protection against the ugliness in the world
  • You push the bully 
  • 3

Some people are not as comfortable with humor and are more straightforward.  It’s natural and completely normal to freeze up or feel scared or queasy when you are bullied. There are phrases or words that may help you gain your composure and confidence.  Let’s start with a few…

  • Cut it out
  • That’s your opinion
  • What you believe is none of my business
  • Whatever gets you high
  • I would appreciate it if you stop spreading rumors


Melissa Sherman is the executive director of Beyond Bullies. She founded the organization to help empower youth and to shed a light on the issues affecting bullied youth in order to relieve their suffering and aid in the understanding of people who care about them. She works with individuals and families as a coach and role model.



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