Beyond Bullies Teen Leadership and Adolescent Prevention Program

Beyond Bullies is dedicated to helping youth who have become the targets of bullying and cyber bullying, by providing them online real-time support from E-teen leaders, viral campaigns to engage youth to take action and prevention/educational programs to create awareness to stop it. We empower teens to become leaders against bullying in their schools and to help middle school and elementary students learn to handle bullying in a way that will make them feel empowered, safe and want to achieve in school. We strive to educate people who work with children and help them identify the signs of bullying in order to prevent it and understand what actions to take when they see it. The organization works to provide youth who are the target of bullying and cyberbullying support in order for them to feel safe, comfortable, and accepted in their surroundings.

Since February, Beyond Bullies and the Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology Academy High School have been working closely to educate students and faculty on how to help children become active bystanders in their schools and communities. The Beyond Bullies Teen Leadership and Adolescent Prevention Program is committed to teaching students how to create cyberbullying campaigns and present information in front of other youth. Beyond Bullies has partnered with Kaiser Permante’s Educational Theater program who will be working with students each month throughout the rest of the academic school year. Additionally, participation in the program will count for community service hours.

The executive director/program manager of Beyond Bullies, Melissa Sherman believes “The partnership with Alliance is a perfect fit, as their students are technically ahead of the curve and the Alliance schools teach accountability, which makes them great teen leaders.” By giving students the tools, Sherman adds, “We believe it will provide them with leadership skills, a greater connection to school, even more accountability, and the ability to see first-hand how they can make a genuine difference in their community.” This program will run until the end of the year, giving time for all students to learn how to create a future where bullying or cyber bullying is not tolerated or accepted and immediate consequences are given to those who bully at school or using any form of digital technology.

By holding this program at the Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology Academy High School we hope to spread the mission of Beyond Bullies and inspire children to stand up and be the voice for those who are bullied everywhere.


Written by Lizzi Bowen


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