Flirting, Texting and Getting Around the Danger of Sexting


Co-authors and best friends Olivia Baniuszewicz and Debra Goldstein both moved to New York to pursue their dreams when they graduated from college. What they learned was texting, not actually talking on the phone with a guy, was the preferred way to date in the city.  In their book “Flirtexting,” the women write how to have fun with texting, flirting and dating. Melissa Sherman interviewed Olivia who provided interesting tidbits on how to be flirty without crossing over the line and letting peer pressure get in the way.  

What inspired you to write the book? In our early 20s, we were single, living in New York, and found ourselves much like every girl in our same position, sitting on the couch asking each other, "why is he texting me? If he liked me he'd call." We didn't answer guy’s texts and as it turns out found ourselves with a lot fewer dates. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands. We had entered the world of digital dating and needed to change the rules of the game if we wanted to keep up. We crafted witty and interesting responses to person’s common texts and this book is filled with these examples plus more.

Were you hoping to help young people avoid the consequences of sexting? Definitely. This was a big part of us writing the Sexting Chapter in our book. In the chapter, we say, "sexting should be reserved for two people in a committed, long-term relationship, meaning you’re planning on walking down the aisle soon – sort of committed." We wanted young people to know sexting is no joke. Chances are you’re in love today but tomorrow it could totally change and that sext is something you can’t take back. Also, we participated in MTV’s documentary called Sexting In America: When Private’s Go Public, where we discussed the dangers of sexting and how to get around doing it in a funny way. We recommend checking this documentary out!

Did you find alternative sexual education courses or experts that provided help with your book? No. The advice and tips in our book were strictly based on our own personal experiences and experiences of others. We preferred speaking directly to our readers and sharing what is worked for us and empowering them to take control of their situations by offering alternatives. We think because we're at an age where we've experienced what teens are going through, we bring more solutions that are relatable to the table. Also, we suggest not letting peer pressure get the best of you and if a guy asks for a sexy photo, poke fun at it and send over a photo of a Victoria Secret catalogue and say “here you go, here’s your sexy picture.”

How is peer pressure today different than it was 20 years ago? We see it’s heightened a lot. We know this one young high school girl who was dating a young man for a year and the way he announced his breakup with her was via Facebook. He changed his status to "single" surprisingly to her. She said it felt like he took a megaphone and just announced it to her whole school in an auditorium. We never used to have these sort of worries back in the day. Today the internet can give off a lot more pressure. 

What are some flirty responses to guys wanting nude pics? We're big fans of this: "Sexy photo? Oh, sure just go to and you can find my photo there." He will respect you a lot more for your bold maneuver rather than giving in.

Is this book for adults? Yes. Whether you're new to relationships or new to dating in the digital world, Flirtexting has tips for every digital dater at any age.

Their new book Flirtexting: “How to Text Your Way into His Heart” is now available on   




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