Change Starts with You. Sign Petition. Demand Anti-Bullying Education at Your School

The need for school curricula that teaches students how to stop, handle and report bullying is imperative. If students don’t understand how harmful bullying is and what the consequences of bullying are, it will only continue. Sign now!

Current anti-bullying policies at most schools are ineffective due to a student’s lack of knowledge when it comes to the effects or consequences of bullying. Studies indicate 50% of students feel that bullying can’t be prevented. They have no strategies to deal with it and sadly, 80% of bullying aren’t reported.

Cyberbullying is harder to stop and control. Students, school personnel and parents need to be educated about the harmful effects of bullying. The time has come for new curricula to be in place that deals with the issues facing students today. There have been too many tragedies in the recent school shootings such as Columbine, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Oikos University. These students were victims of bullying, and due to the lack of education and preventative bullying programs, they did not have the necessary tools to handle such abuse. The students took matters into their own hands and went on bloody rampages in their schools – killing andharming many of their peers.

How can you pass this on to parents, students, school administrators, school board members or the PTA? Click on the link to view a Letter/Statement to help you: With this letter, you can: •Contact your school’s principal •Contact Members of the school site council •Ask to speak at faculty member meetings •Educate yourself on the impact bullying has on children.

Be prepared to answer questions about the psychological impacts of bullying on children, how it will compliment and not put an undo strain on teachers. In California, for example, after students take their state exams in April, teachers will have more time and may be more receptive. Many middle schools haveLife Science classes and having an anti-bullying curriculum integrated in the class can beneficial. By having your school’s website include a link to, you are helping students and school personnel, as well as parents, evaluate school safety before sending their children to school. Please sign the petition.

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