New online and offline campaign to Address Bullying Strategies for Boys

New Campgaign focuses on Bullying Strategies for Boys

Boys will be boys.  This common idiom may veil the heinous actions adolescent and teenage boys cast upon their male peers.  Bullying can take on many forms, ranging from name-calling, taunting to unwanted physical contact or even sexting, which can leave a target of bullying feeling very vulnerable. Name-calling is not as prevalent among female bullies as it is among males.

Snitching, or tattle-telling, is looked down upon by most students.  In fact, 80 percent of students never report bullying to an adult.  Both bystanders and targets of bullying are fearful of retaliation.  In order to support boys who are the targets of bullying overcome or handle a bullying situation, Beyond Bullies will be implementing a new online and offline campaign that will be addressing and teaching specific strategies that young boys can use against verbal bullying in a "classy" or "cool" fashion while receiving acceptance from their peers.

The saying fight fire with fire however is not applicable against verbal bullies because it is ineffective.  When a male bullying taunts his target, he wants a negative reaction in order to elevate his popularity and power. 

Unfortunately, many male students have been suspended when they have fought back verbally or physically after the bullying took its toll.  The bully wants his target to fight back and to demoralize them.  In an effort to help a target, Beyond Bullies will show boys how to divert the attack in a calm manner, while simultaneously gaining support from surrounding bystanders.

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 Written by, Jason Lam

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