Beyond Bullies to Visit University High School During Anti-Bullying Week

Beyond Bullies is Set to Meet with the Dean and Postive Teen Support Program Director to Discuss Teen Leadership Partnership 

Los Angeles, CA – Beyond Bullies Executive Director, Melissa Sherman, will visit University High School Monday, November 5th to speak with school officials about a partnership for a Teen Leadership program.

Sherman says, "Studies indicate middle school students are most vulnerable to attack, addiction, peer pressure and lower grades.  The Beyond Bullies Teen Leadership program addresses these issues as well as subjects, such as sexting and cyber bullying that are taught and implemented to keep students safe and well equipped. Teen leaders will fill this tech void while integrating creative methods to reach children."

Beyond Bullies discusses the program at University High during first day of anti-bullying week. Beyond Bullies is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens and adolescents who are targets of bullying and cyber-bullying. The organization has developed a Teen Leadership program that will focus on middle schools and high schools, and gives students the opportunity to stand up and speak out against bullying.

University High School will host its 3rd Annual Anti-Bullying week beginning Monday. Sherman will be joining the students during lunch as events kick off.

Beyond Bullies assist teens to become involved in leadership positions in their schools by providing opportunities for them online and offline to become aware, confident and caring role models. 


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