Nancy (name was changed to protect her) was in the 5th grade and had learning disabilities. She was blond with blue eyes and very cute. Her learning problems were not noticeable. But there were several girls who decided to bully her. They called her names, pushed her into her locker, grabbed her backpack and dumped it in the trash. At recess, the girls put her in the center of a circle and pushed her hard from girl to girl, yelling insults, until forcing her out of the circle.

The bullies would put notes on her desk and stick them in her locker. The bullies had written Nancy’s name and scribbled, This is how you look, and pointed to faces where the nose was a penis, the eyes where breasts and the mouth was a vagina. Nancy came home from school nervous and crying, and said she did not want to go back to school.

Nancy felt intimidated and did not want to stand up to the bullies. When her mom saw the pictures and notes she knew she could go to the school, speak with the principal and create a ruckus. But instead she wanted Nancy to learn how to stand up for herself and gain the confidence she needed to not only deal with these bullies but how to deal with life. Nancy needed to know how to cope and deal with the negatives in life.

The school had a psychologist to help the kids with general problems. Nancy’s mom spoke with her daughter and told her to try and meet with the school psychologist and ask her to get these girls together and speak about the problem.

The school psychologist brought the girls together. Nancy had a chance to express the pain she was going through, and how much it hurt her. She asked the girls, “Why are you doing this to me?” They said, She was easy and would not put up a fight.

They girls said they thought it was fun. After that, the girls left Nancy alone, and they became her friend. Nancy learned from this experience and became much stronger. She also learned she could handle problems that might come up in her life with the bullies of the world.

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