Mean Girls Aren’t Cool Founder was Inspired after being dropped by High School Friends

Q&A with Kelsey Ann Jackson

Q. How were you bullied in high school?

A. When I was fourteen-years-old I was left out and wasn’t included in cliques and invited to parties. It was more psychological than overt.

Q. Can you explain what you mean by psychological?

A. The bullying was not physical. One day my friends decided to drop me and I felt very sad and alone. This type of bullying happens all the time and it is very painful.

Q. Did you try to talk to the girls who bullied you?

A. The group leader, known as the Queen Bee, happened to be by next door neighbor. When I tried to talk to her mom about being bullied by her daughter, she said that she’d rather have her daughter be in the popular group than be nice to me.

Q. Did you speak to a teacher or an adult about what happened to you?

A. I was too scared. I thought it would only get worse. I thought if I told anyone they would think I was a tattle tale.

Q. How were you able to finally get help?

A. My mother noticed that something was wrong. I told her what happened to me in school. My mom helped me find resources and encouraged me to speak to a teacher.

Q. Why do you think it’s necessary to tell a teacher at school about your experience?

A. Many teachers don’t know what it feels like to be bullied. No one likes to get in trouble. Bullies need to know that they are not going to get away with it.

Q. Now that you have started your own program called, Mean Girls Aren’t Cool, to help girls who have been targets of bullies, what has it been like for you to see the girls who once bullied you?

A. Today, I am thankful to those girls because I wouldn’t have started a program to help girls, if it wasn’t for what I went through.

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By Melissa Sherman, Executive Director, Beyond Bullies

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